How the Journey Started...

The sunshine Project was born in 2012 by Motunrayo, often referred to also as Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun.


When she was a child attending primary school, she drove daily in her school bus through a street in which there was a school, that got her thinking. At that time and age, she always wondered why those kids, just as old, perhaps older than she was, had no school bags, wore torn clothes, had no shoes, and looked rough, tattered, malnourished and forlorn. 


She would say a quiet prayer in her mind for these children and hoped that one day she could make a change and help the less-privileged.

More than two decades later, the time to do something finally came. Ayo was inspired to start the project when she got the job; Nigeria's Got Talent, a TV show that was running it's first season in October 2012. 


She spoke to her directors and producers and asked if the fabrics and all that was leftover from the TV show, together with fabrics and stuff that had accumulated over the months from her fashion brand could be used to smiles on the faces of these children during the Christmas that was approaching. 


So new clothes were made for the children, friends and family were asked to help, join the project and donate.


The goal is to be a channel of blessing and a herald of hope and light.

The Sunshine Project will someday be a blessing to millions of children / persons across the continent of Africa!  


We want to not only be able to give children some new clothes for Christmas, but also schooling materials and most importantly self confidence, love and smiles.


We believe that if everyone contributed the little that he/she could, a little here and a little there, with a collective consciousness, we could achieve a lot. After all, it is only a matter of the choices we make. So what do you choose?


Where did the funds go?


100 % of the funds we raised went into to the sunshine project. To minimise costs of transportation we buy shoes and fabrics in local markets. The clothes were  designed by Ayo, and  sewn by local tailors,