Team 2013

Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun Project Head

Sigrid Prader

Project Manager

Omotayo Akintola

Assistant Manager

Korede Oyewoga



Layi Rogers


Ladja Adeboya

Video Editor

Joan Gbefwi

Donation & Accompanist  

Team 2012

Isn't it great to give to a child, to love in a way that truly cannot be reciprocated? It gives me joy and happiness to give than to receive. It is easy to love those who naturally love us back with gifts and affection.  


It is certainly great to show love to our friends and families, to those who are able to love us back, but let us love a little more sincerely than we have always loved.'



Ayo is a fashion designer based in Vienna. While designing costumes for the performers of the talent show 'Nigeria's Got Talent' and the glo X-factor shows, 'Ayo realized that the leftover fabrics could be converted into brand new tailor-made clothes for less-privileged children. This is how the sunshine project was birthed.